Our Apostolate

Family Apostolate
It was the Blessed Mother who entrusted the mission of the family apostolate to Blessed Mariam Thresia as the apostolate of her congregation, and she and Fr.Joseph Vithayathil accepted it and lived it in its wholeness. The Mother and the other Sisters were eager to share the compassionate love, received from the contemplation of the crucified Lord, to the families.

Following the footsteps and inheriting the charism of our foundress, we do family apostolate as our main activity wherever we are. Zeal for family apostolate is our specific character. This apostolate helps us to participate in the redemptive mission of Christ. The aim of it is Christianization of families or to make the whole mankind God oriented by building up families with an “intimate community of life and love” (PC17) sharing with them the values of Christ. We are obliged to foster faith in families, to strengthen family bonds and to enable individuals to protect the values of families. The activities include:

Visiting the families Home missions in different parishes Awareness and faith formation classes Preparation for sacraments and adult baptism Catechism Preparing the dying for a peaceful death at home Counseling services to various groups Marriage preparation classes Reconciliation of families and reunion of couples Self help groups in the Villages BCC/SCC group activities Retreats and prayer services.

Education ministry

Jesus, the great Guru is our model in this apostolate. He said “No one lights the lamp and covers it with a bowl or puts it under the bed; rather he puts it on a lamp stand so that people coming in may see the light” (Lk. 8:16). The foundress understood the importance of education ministry and started schools from the very beginning to impart knowledge of God and to prepare young children as sons and daughters of God and good citizens of the country. A good number of our sisters are in this apostolate helping children to be a beacon light in their surroundings. Our educational institutions give priority to moral and religious instructions, foster in students a lifestyle based on values and help them to form right vision of life. The light of Jesus is given to the students and parents through prayer meetings, counseling and family visits.

Educational Institutions
Nursery schools : 38 Nos
Lower Primary schools : 29 Nos
Upper Primary schools : 26 Nos
High Schools : 25 Nos
Higher Secondary schools : 16 Nos
Aided Arts & Science College : 01 Nos
B.Ed Colleges : 02
Parallel Colleges : 04 Nos
Special School : 04 Nos
Crèche : 09 Nos
Healing ministry

“He laid his hands on every one of them and healed them” Lk. 4/40. Blessed Mariam Thresia who was filled with compassionate love of Jesus saw crucified Christ in the suffering humanity. Moved by the compassion she visited the sick to care them, comfort them pray for and with them in their families. She was courageous enough to bring the sick to her house and provide needed care. In the mission too the sisters take much interest in providing care to the sick in the dispensaries or at home. Thus we continue the healing ministry of the Lord and bear witness to Christ by serving the sick with compassionate love of Jesus. Many institutions belong to the diocese, but are managed by our sisters.

Health Clare Institutions
Clinic : 05 Nos
Hospitals : 03 Nos
Nursing Schools : 01 Nos
Homeo Clinic : 05 Nos
Cenre for HIV Patients : 02 Nos
Works of Mercy

Care for the orphans, the outcasts, the poor, the old, the physically and mentally challenged etc. is an integral part of our charism. The teaching of the Lord “as you had it to the one of the least of these brethren you did it to me” Mt 25/40 is the inspiring source in this apostolate. Moreover, we are motivated by the constant exhortation of our foundress ‘No one knows how great the reward that is given to those who help the destitute’. Institutions run by our sisters in the mission

Snehabhavans (Children’s Home) : 13 Nos
Houses for street children : 04 Nos
Boarding Houses/ Tribal welfare home : 20 Nos
Centres for Physically Challenged : 06 Nos
Home for the Aged : 10 Nos
Social Centres : 10 Nos
Counselling Centres : 12 Nos
Short-stay Homes : 03 Nos
De-addiction Centres : 01 Nos
Other Centres : 02 Nos
Social Apostolate

It is the creative role we play to bring justice to the poor and suffering brethren imitating Christ. The efforts to relieve our fellow beings from the evils of ignorance, exploitation, poverty, disparity between the rich and the poor are the essential aspects of our social apostolate. We work in this field in co-operation with government and other agencies keeping in mind the spirit and teachings of church on social justice. Our activities include the following:

Educational scholarships and funds Marriage projects Housing projects Financial assistance to treatment Save a family project Help to get pension for various groups Distribution of clothes and blankets Domestic animal project CRS project Free education in the schools.

Parish Ministry

The foundress who worked in close association with the parish (priest and people of God) before and after becoming a Sister is our model and inspiration for this apostolate. We are involved in teaching catechism, conducting prayer meetings, preparation for sacraments, sacristy works, BCC and SCC activities, giving leadership to various associations in the parish and so on. Our presence in the village help people to increase their faith and many are regular to the Church for Sunday Mass and sacrament of reconciliation. It is through parish ministry our family apostolate is functioning well.

Prison Ministry

“I was in the prison and you visited me” is the guiding force behind this ministry. Sisters spare time to visit the prisoners in jails, listen to their pain and agony and try to comfort them. Many of them are led to repentance and reconciliation. The other activities are the following:

Moral and spiritual guidance to the inmates of jail Literacy programme in the jail specially for ladies NIOS facilities are being made available to boys and girls in prison Sunday Ministry – Arrangements for Mass, prayers Value education classes are being given in different wards/ cells Organization of recreational facilities Gathering for celebrations like Christmas, Easter Motivation of Holy Family Lay Associates to visit and take classes in jail Counselling services.

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