Arunoday Province, Bhagalpur, Bihar


Arunoday Provincial House, Tilkamanjhi, BhagalpurP.O& Dt., Bihar - 812001 Phone: 0641-2400829, 2405040


Rev. Sr. Lissie Therese Thekkel CHF (Provincial Superior), Sr. Savidha Johnl(Vicar Provincial), Sr.Naveen Thomas, Sr. Shancy Joseph, Sr. Jossy John (Councillors), Sr. Rose Mary George (Auditor), Sr. Pavana  George (Treasurer), Sr. Roslin Joseph (Secretary).

Province History

55 years ago, in 1964 a seed of Holy Family was sown in the fertile land of Bihar at Charkapather, Bhagalpur Diocese. It was God’s Providence that Msgr. Urban McGarry, TOR, Prefect Apostolic of Bhagalpur felt the need of missionaries in the remote villages of his diocese and requested to the then Superior General of CHF- Mother Josephine to send her sisters to the mission. Mother Josephine -a woman of broad vision and charismatic leader took courage to risk, trusting in the loving providence of God and decided to start CHF Mission in North India. In the absence of the Msgr., fathers Very Rev. Fr. Aquinas Lieb, TOR the then administrator, Rev. Fr. Boniface Bonk TOR, Commissionary Provincial and Rev. Fr. Maurice Buckley, TOR received superior General and Srs.Teresitta and Flora who came to mission to learn the situation and they were received warmly by Fr. Alex Bombero the Parish priest of Charkapather mission. However the congregation was unable to provide the financial support for the new mission. The Franciscan Missionaries on their part promised all their help and support and encouraged the Superior General in her new missionary venture. Discerning the will of God and need of the mission eight missionaries namely Sr. Mary John ( Superior) Sr. Amos, Sr. Therese Samuel, Sr. JessyAttokaran, Sr. Petrina, Sr. Jeremiah, Sr. Guy and Sr. Leopold accompanied by Mother General and Srs. Rosalia and Fulgencia came to Bihar, Charkapather mission on February 11, 1964. TOR friars had been the ever supporting source for the CHF mission. The names mentioned above were the promoters of the founding CHF Mission. It is indeed a land mark for the whole Bihar Mission. Young and enthusiastic missionaries began learning English, Hindi and Santhali. They found the climate, culture, and people with their customs and manners very different from those of their home state of Kerala. A lot of adjustment and adaptation were required on the part of the CHF Missionaries. However with God’s Grace and with the understanding support of the prefect Apostolic and priests, especially Fr. Alex Bombera, the sisters made steady progress in their efforts to serve the poor, the illiterate and the sick. The first Mission House of CHF was established in the year 1964 at Charkapather which is the cradle of the missionary activities of the Congregation Holy Family in general and of Arunoday Province in particular. Sisters were invited by many other Priests as years went by and the Congregation opted for new mission stations like Poreyahat, Mariampahari, Jhajha and so on. The service was extended to different parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal etc. In the year 1997 on June 14 a new Province with the name ‘Arunoday’ was established and Navajyoti being the Mother Province gave all support needed for the new Province. In all these places we provide good education to children from poor families being mindful of the saying that to educate a child is to educate a whole family and concentrate on faith formation programmes in villages catering to the needs of the poor etc. In their service to the rural folks the sisters are motivated by the encouraging words of Blessed Mariam Thresia: “Nobody knows how great is the reward that God gives to those who help the destitute” (MMT- L-5). Sisters assist the parish priest in the activities of the parish. Sisters prepare the catechumens to accept Christ, teach them catechism. They also give awareness classes for the mothers of the parish on how to bring up their children and their family. Sisters have been taking care of Eucharistic Crusade of Children (Krusvir) training them to be the soldiers of Christ. Through various programs and activities they are motivated to be mature, sincere and responsible adolescents. Youth animation is another important area in which sisters are very much involved. Sisters have always taken lot of pain and struggle to bring up the youth in all the spheres of their lives. They help the illiterate women to come out of themselves through Mahila-Sangh and self-help groups. For the empowerment of the women the Self Help Groups play a crucial role. But above all, women learn to come together, share their problems, support one another and attain self-confidence. Net working with governmental organization was also part of the program. With the help of the sisters, the village people are made to become aware of the schemes and facilities meant for them. Keeping in view, the mission and vision entrusted by the Lord, the sisters devote their time, energy and resources for the wellbeing and upliftment of the weaker sections of the society. Over the years Arunoday Province was divided into two provinces ( Divyoday , Punjab) and at present the Arunoday Province has a total number of 400 sisters and 28 convents in 11 different diocese of India namely Bhagalpur, Delhi, Dumka, Hazaribagh, Khunti, Kolkata, Krishnagar, Patna, Ranchi, Simdega and Thrissur. Each community as per the required need of the locality is rendering services to the people in all possible ways.

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