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A brief life history of our foundress, Saint Mariam Thresia, and the cofounder, Venerable Fr.Joseph Vithayathil is also included in this website. Hope it will help you to know the charism and the apostolate of CHF more clearly, which we received from their holy lives.

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Words of Blessed Mariam Thresia Fulfilling the will of God in each and every moment of our life, like Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our Charism

The charism of the CHF is, compassionate love emanating from deep union with the Crucified Lord and liberative mission accomplished through family apostolate in the spirit of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Our Apostolate

Family Apostolate The thrust and heart of any apostolate of CHF is the Wellbeing and Purification of Families. It is the compassionate love that works as the motivating force of all our fields of Apostolate.