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Welcome to our website, which has been upgraded to provide you with the very latest information about CHF and the work we are doing on behalf of the people of God accepting the challenge of Christ’s discipleship in the way shown by Blessed Mariam Thresia our beloved Founder and willing to carry on unto the Charism she has bequeathed to the Church in India. A lot has changed over the past 100 years in CHF, but our strong commitment to our Lord remains the same. Since its foundation in 1914, CHF has worked to harness broken hearts & relationships. We want this to be your website, and hope you'll find it both helpful and enlightening. We redesigned the site to make it easier than ever to make information important to you, your family and your community. This latest website of ours is all about the vision, mission and various field’s of our apostolate at the touch of the mouse. Just as you can use this website to learn about our Apostolate, you can also let us know what's on your mind. Hope you'll be in touch on any matter that's of concern to you. We would offer you our sincere prayers for your intentions. Thank you for visiting our website I hope you enjoy the new look and that you'll return often.


Words of Blessed Mariam Thresia “You must do all the duties with the intention that you are fulfilling the will of Go

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Our Charism

Being hidden in the Holy Trinity, identified with the Crucified Lord, live the Beatitude of Mercy. That is imbibing the

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Our Apostolate

Family Apostolate It was the Blessed Mother who entrusted the mission of the family apostolate to Blessed Mariam Thresi

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