CHF Arokiamatha Vice Provincial House, By pass Road, Coimbatore, 641001

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Phone : 9037187022


Sr Ruby Varghese CHF (Provincial Superior) Sr Lizy Maria(Vicar Provincial), Sr Rose Aynickal, Sr Nirmala, Sr Jaisy Maria (Councillors), Sr Helen Maria (Auditor), Sr Suma Jose (Treasurer), Sr Rose Jose (Secretary).

Province  History

It all started with Mar. Paul Alappat  the bishop of  Ramanathapuram diocese beseeching our superior General Rev.Sr.Dr. Annie Kuriakkose CHF and Rev Sr. Dr.PushpaCHF Marian provincial superior Palakkad in the beginning of the year 2022. The appeal was apt owing to the existence of the area is within the boundary of the Marian province Palakkad.

                        Next went on smoothly the administrative procedures . Rev.Sr.Dr.Pushpa CHF and her council studied this proposal sincerely and an application was forwarded to the superior General Rev.Sr.Dr.Annie Kurriakose CHF.

                        Now it was the turn of General council to discuss the matter finally it was placed in the general renewal synaxis  for  consideration. This idea was agreed and name was suggested  to the members of the new vice province. At last a decree was signed by the superior General Rev.Dr Annie Kuriakkose for the erection of the 10 th Vice province of Congregation of the Holy Family. The province was named after CHF Arokiamatha Province on 11 th February 2022 coinciding The World Health Day and the Holy Family Mission Day. The territory of the vice province included Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

                        CHF Arokiamatha vice Province is declared publically on 28 th May 2022 by Rev .Sr.Dr.Annie Kuriakkose Superior  General   of the Congregation in the Presence Mar.Paul Alappat Bishop of Ramanathapuram Diocese . The Holy Family Congregation represented by provincial superior and from other 9 provinces , Rev fathers from  Palakkad Tamilnadu and Karnataka, and other congregation sisters also participated.

 CHF Arokiamatha Provincial House situated in the heart of coimbatore co orporation.

Our Institutions :

Schools :       2 HSS ( Matric)

                        2 HS ( Matric )

                        1 CBSE

Hostels for women : 2

Convents :    Tamil Nadu: 6

                        Karnataka: 3